by Robert Gould 

It was the first time that the grass was greener
we traveled so far in so many ways
brought to a marquee with our young names on it
we met and we laughed like the family we were

All caught up in the garden of Holland

The sweet Dutch sun must have heard my wishes,
melting work and play into the same glass
a call was looming and we couldn’t wait
to take the stage and prove we were worth it

Strain to hear my cue over my own heart
a baton is passed and it’s my turn to run
an audience willing to eat from my hand
I tear through a song for their town mayor

I talk to him after, both of us in awe
He is one of many praising our show
High-fives and group hugs begin to surround
With copious champagne we toasted and drank

I tried to pretend this wasn’t a novelty.

Dedicated to the cast and crew of FML (F*ck My Life).

Photo by Cian Daly.

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