By Robert Gould

I peel away my second skin
Release it to the wild
What lies beneath
It makes to breath
Lungs happily defiled

I’m feeding you between the bars
Bite in exchange for breath
Funny how we’re both from Mars
Yet strangers at these depths

I open every door I can
For once I pray for rain
I long for liquid birthstone
To soothe this tough terrain

I’m asking you to breathe for me
Open your eyes and breathe for me
Roll up just your sleeves for me
I know you beg for air

Peel it away

Each scale and flake
I’m leaving what remains
My gift to you is not a kiss
But a school-bell ringing out

All else I leave under the mat

I step away
Pressure remains
Like hands upon my ears
Must be my own
I am alone
I’m all I have to fear

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